"Serve Others as You would Serve Yourself"            
This newsletter discusses another exchange company. First Exchange is a timeshare exchange service with a difference. Not only is membership free, but for the first time members get to enjoy access to over 100 000 weeks in 160 resorts without waiting for other members to deposit weeks! This results in unrivalled delivery. Like all exchange companies they work on a Points system. The week you own will be worth a certain number of Points as described in the First Exchange Destination Directory. The system works just like a bank account. What you deposit is what you can draw out to go to another resort at another place at another time. First Exchange members pay no membership fees and no deposit fees. All you pay is an exchange fee of R320 if booked online or R399 if booked via the call centre. This fee is only payable once you have received confirmation of your desired holiday booking. These are by far the cheapest exchange fees around. If you want an extra holiday you can take advantage of their Bonus Escapes at approximately 50% less than the normal tariff rate of the respective resort. Their promotions do not apply to Peak weeks (school holidays) and are only valid for certain periods of the year. Like all exchange companies you cannot exchange out-of-season weeks into Peak school holiday periods. Peak week time weeks are reserved for members that have deposited a Peak week time module. For those who own a mid-week or a week-end you will be pleased to know that First Resorts will allow exchanges into other resorts providing that the resort into which you wish to exchange allows split week exchanges, The First Exchange Destination Directory will highlight whether or not resorts allow split week exchanges. If I don't have enough points to complete an exchange you will be able to rent points as a once off in order to make up the shortfall of points that you require to complete an exchange. This is an outstanding feature. I have already enrolled a number of our buyers into First Exchange and they have received excellent exchanges. The service is good. Remember you are entitled to register your timeshare with any of or all of the timeshare exchange organisations. However, once you have made and have a confirmed an exchange, you CANNOT use the timeshare for any resort other than the one you have the confirmed exchange with! You could face legal action. The choice of timeshare exchange organisations in South Africa is growing and competition is good for the  consumer and the industry. If there is any subject you want to see regarding timeshare please let me know - OR - you can send me your news and views. Please note that I have the right to publish your views or not. VISIT THE HOT SPECIALS PAGE TO SEE THE LIST OF WEEKS THAT ARE UP FOR SALE Contact Details: PO Box 6235 Westgate 1734, Republic of South Africa. Phone +27 011 760 1120. email ron@fairfields.co.za PLEASE SEE THE SPECIAL OFFERS UNDER HOT SPECIALS IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE OUR REGULAR SPECIALS & OUR NEWSLETTER PLEASE SEND US YOU DETAILS IN THE CONTACT FORM HERE OR ABOVE
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