"Serve Others as You would Serve Yourself"            
Exchange is an essential part of how timeshare works. The Exchange companies are like brokers  between consumers. They give timeshare owners the ability to swap their timeshare for another  – at a different time, location or both – with the confidence that they will receive another  high-quality holiday.  There are a number of exchange companies in South Africa being RCI, First Exchange,  iExchange and Sunswop. All of which have a large inventory of timeshare exchange stock  available at their disposal. Almost all timeshare resorts choose to affiliate with one of these companies. Typically a  timeshare purchaser in an affiliated resort joins the exchange company automatically at the  time of purchase. Their exchange company then acts like a timeshare bank. If the consumer  chooses not to use the week they have bought, they deposit it with the exchange company and  can subsequently withdraw equivalent weeks – at other times and/or at other resorts – which  have been deposited by other members. Although a resort is affiliated to a particular exchange  company you, as the owner of the timeshare, can belong to one or all the exchange companies.  You simply register your timeshare with them and when the time comes for you want to make an  exchange you surf their web sites and search for the best exchange that suits your particular  holiday requirements.  PLEASE NOTE WELL - Exchange companies make money from their confirmed exchanges. Each  has a different tariff. For example RCI will charge you a registration fee, an annual fee and an  exchange fee when you make a confirmed exchange. First Exchange, iExchange and Sunswop do  not charge an entrance fee nor an annual fee, however they do charge an exchange fee when  you make an exchange. The three latter exchange companies’ fees are far cheaper than that of  RCI. All exchange companies use sophisticated computer systems to match demand with supply,  establishing the “value” of different weeks in different resorts. Weeks are rated according to a  variety of factors, such as size of unit, duration of stay, seasonality, resort location and  quality and so forth. The value of the weeks, established according to the factors mentioned,  can be measured in “points”. Those represent a symbolic measurement related to a timeshare  ownership. Points are used by some developers for internal exchange. Exchange companies use  points to simplify external exchange.  The exchange companies also offer their members flights, car rentals and travel insurance  alongside attractively discounted travel packages through their travel clubs. Fuelled by the  year-round flow of members who need airline tickets and rental cars for travel, these travel  agencies have been able to secure extremely competitive rates from suppliers of travel services. As well as facilitating specific transactions, the exchange companies are a powerful force for  ensuring quality levels throughout the industry, as they can act to penalise resorts which are  unsatisfactory. As substantial companies with a clear interest in the reputation of the sector,  they have also been at the forefront of forming national and international trade associations.  Please note that you can register your timeshare with all the exchange organisations, however,  you can make one booking with an exchange with one company only.  If there is any subject you want to see regarding timeshare please let me know - OR - you can send me your news  and views. Please note that I have the right to publish your views or not. Contact Details: PO Box 6235 Westgate 1734, Republic of South Africa. Phone +27 011 760 1120. email ron@fairfields.co.za PLEASE SEE THE SPECIAL OFFERS UNDER HOT SPECIALS IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE OUR REGULAR SPECIALS & OUR NEWSLETTER PLEASE SEND US YOU DETAILS IN THE CONTACT FORM HERE OR ABOVE
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